Tourist Attractions


The hotel is 2 minutes from Dongdamen Night Market on foot. Hotel Les Champs HUALIEN is located at one of the primary shopping districts in HUALIEN and is very close to the coast. 


● Driving 

     If you drive from downtown Hualien, drive along Zhongshan Road for 300 meters and you will see fountain plaza. Hotel Les Champs HUALIEN is at the intersection of Zhongshan Road and Huagang Street and very close to fountain plaza.


● By train:

  ‧ Take a train to Hualien Railway Station. The hotel is 10-15 minutes from the Railway Station by taxi. 
  ‧  Taiwan Railways Bureau Link



Tourist Attractions

Dongdamen Night Market

Dongdamen Night Market opened on July 2015. There are 400 stands available to the tourists including four areas :Futing Night Market ,Aborigine Street, China Street  and Ziqiang Night Market. As Hualien's Tourist Service Center, the sidewalk of Dongdamen Night Market was paved with black and white granite, which represents the grandness of Hualien makes Hualien the hottest tourist spot in Taiwan.

Taroko National Park

Named after the local Truku aboriginal tribe, Taroko National Park is one of Taiwan's most beautiful places. Taroko National Park is famous for marble gorge landscape and its tall, almost flat walls are a marvel to see. Aside from the gorge, other attractions including aboriginal settlements, temples, museums, and numerous hiking trails are ready for visitors to explore the true beauty of mountainous in Hualien. Places like Swallow Grotto, Tunnel of Nine Turns, Tianxiang, mysterious valley, green water and white poplar are places you should never miss when you are here in Hualien.

Hualien Distillery

Hualien Distillery is located at Meilun Industrial Park, near Chisingtan and Meilunshan Park. The distillery covers a large area. In the distillery, workshops with a long history stand in great numbers. Green walls with white spots across corridors are full of ancient charm. In the park, there are the exhibition and shoppoing center, tourist guide, and an outdoor prairie that tourists can visit. Small scenes made by wine bottles and wine jars are everywhere. The distillery's store is adorned with exhibits designed in aboriginal style and collection of liqueur-making utensils. Visitors can enjoy delicious food and taste a variety of drinks.

Pine Garden


Pine Garden is located at the southeast of Meilunshan, Hualien City. 

You can overlook the whole Hualien Port and the Pacific Ocean in Pine Garden. Aside from the architecture, more than 60 pieces of pinewood cover the area like a green umbrella. Romantic and amorous feelings are formed with the blue coast and the quiet sky. You can overlook Hualien Port, Shuguang Bridge and Jinghua Bridge from the wooden pavement in front of the Pine Garden. The art exhibition will be held regularly in the garden. Besides, there are also a coffee house and some little stores. Tourists can have afternoon tea and buy peculiar souvenirs. Built in 1943, Pine Garden was formerly inside of a pine forest and used as the military department's office of Hualien Port. Pine Garden offers a wonderful view that visitors can overlook the mouth of Meilun River, Hualien Port, and the Pacific Ocean. Its vantage point makes it the best location to control both air and sea traffic in the area, while still camouflages itself well in the forest. This is why it was selected as the Japanese military control center.

After the second World War, the government resumed the control of the building and made it a leisure center for American Military Assistance Advisory Groups. In 2000, Pine Garden was designated as a "Historic Building" by Hualien Country Government. In 2001, the Council for Cultural Affairs reopened it as a tourist attraction and it has become one of the "100 Historic Sites in Taiwan". 

Railway Cultural Park 

The Railway Culture Park includes a railway culture museum, a fountain, a machine workshop, and a track maintenance workshop and police departments of the old Hualien station. The railway culture museum, originally known as the Railway Department Hualien Harbor Branch Office, was set up as an administrative office for construction and operation of railways in eastern Taiwan during the Japanese occupation era. This site is now the only complete light railway station remained from that time. With the help of the government, dedicated historical workers and specialists, it was registered as a historic site in 2002. It is now run as a cultural and leisure park area dedicated to the railway culture.

Liushidan Mountain

This mountain, situated in Zhutian Village, Fuli Township, features a 300 to 400 hectare tableland offering expansive views at elevations of 200 to 1,000 meters. The blooming of daylilies in August and September makes this an otherworldly fairyland.